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本文摘要:Hiral Sanghavi is at it again.Hiral Sanghavi卷土重来。

Hiral Sanghavi is at it again.Hiral Sanghavi卷土重来。Less than a year after the Kickstarter campaign for his BauBax jacket raised a whopping $9.2 million, hes debuting his next project -- clothes that wirelessly charge your devices.他的BauBax智能夹克在Kickstarter网站众筹中获得920万美金的天价资金后,将近一年的时间他又在筹划下一个项目--能为设备无线充电的衣服。The project launched last Tuesday on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $100,000. The clothing, which is machine washable, has copper wire built into it and a wireless charging pad thats stitched inside a pocket.该项目于上周二在Kickstarter网站启动,目标是筹措10万美元资金。


这种衣服可机浸,内置了针在口袋里的铜导线和无线充电板。You charge an iPhone by putting it into a BauBax iPhone case and slipping it into the pocket. Android phones dont require the case because they have built-in wireless charging capability. The power source is a battery bank that fits into a wallet you carry in the clothes.当你要为苹果手机电池时,必须给手机套上BauBax专用的iPhone壳,然后把它放在口袋里。


安卓手机则不必须手机壳,因为它有内置无线充电功能。电能源于衣服中附带的置放皮夹里的蓄电池组。Sanghavi said the battery bank can provide one full charge to a smartphone, two charges to a smartwatch and four to bluetooth earphones. The battery bank can be charged with a special BauBax charging pad. It takes two to four hours to recharge the battery bank.Sanghavi回应,蓄电池组能给智能手机充满著一次电,给智能手表充满著两次,给蓝牙耳机充满著四次。

而该蓄电池组只用BauBax的类似电池板电池,充满著一次电必须2-4小时。In all, BauBax is designing 27 products for wireless charging, including sweatshirts, jackets and wristlets, which can charge a smartphone inside of it. The clothes range from $140 to $170.BauBax总共设计了27款无线充电产品,还包括运动衫、夹克衫以及护腕,它们都需要充满著一部智能手机。衣服价格从140到170美元平均。The collar in each jacket also features a plug-in point to charge wireless earbuds. A separate charging unit inside the jackets sleeve can charge an AppleWatch.每一件夹克衫的衣领处都有一个放入点,需要为无线耳塞电池;而夹克衫袖子处独立国家的电池单元需要为苹果手表电池。


All the accessories, including the BauBax battery bank, charging pad, iPhone case, wristlet and wallet, are sold separately. The company expects the clothing to be ready for consumers by January 2017. However, the products come with a caveat: people with pacemakers shouldnt use them because the electromagnetic fields may interfere with the pacemakers.所有配件,还包括BauBax电池组、电池板、iPhone壳、护腕和皮夹等,都是分开销售的。该公司预计衣服将于2017年1月面向消费者。然而,这种产品有一点必须留意:带上起搏器的人无法用于,因为电磁场可能会阻碍起搏器。For Sanghavi, the second campaign isnt about money, per se. This one is about market validation, he said. We want to know if there really is a need for this type of product.对Sanghavi而言,第二次众筹并不是为了钱,而是为了产品本身。